Artist Statement Final Project – Alison M.

For my final project, I want to explore the literal meaning of photography, “to write with light”. I want to play with light, shadow, and reflection to create an interesting, unique series of photographs. I want this series to have a more abstract look to it, maybe even playing with visual tricks. To help create my series, I am going to experiment with using mirrors in different ways, as well as using light to create interesting shadows. I am also going to keep a look out for already existing interesting shadows and reflections in nature and the world around us.  I would like my series to present a fresh, unique outlook on the way we look at things.



One Picture One Paragraph -Alison M.

I know this is not one photo but a photo series but I am going to use it anyways because I really like it, and in a way the whole series might as well be one photograph in the sense that they are all set up the same. To me, the location where the picture is taken is not the important part, what I like is the point of view and the strong stance of the photographers girlfriend, and just the concept of her showing him around the world. I think that his girlfriend has a strong personality that shows in the photographs and the point of view makes the viewer feel like a small child being led around. I think that the photographers love for his girlfriend comes across in the photographs too and the fact that his girlfriend always remains the centerpiece and the focus point of the pictures rather than important landmarks/scenery reinforces the sense of his adoration for her as well as making him  appear helpless without her. Altogether I think it is a super sweet, interesting series of photographs.

Project 1 Statement, Alison M.

For this project I was thinking about exploring nightmares that I would have repeatedly when I was younger. When I was young I used to have reoccurring nightmares that would creep me out and wake me up in the middle of the night. I would have several different nightmares that would be repeated. For my project I wanted to try to combine different reoccurring nightmares I would have into one story set-up. I want my series of pictures to tell a story and give off a eerie feeling, the same feeling i get thinking back to how i felt when I was younger. I would like to experiment shooting in the dark, maybe with a high grain film if I can get it in time. I also might have the pictures be a little fairy tale themed, because the dreams i had were kind of like dark fairy tales.

one picture -one paragraph


This photo really grabs me and brings back so many memories. 1st my dad loves to garden and he loves planting tree. this photo made me think of him. he planted about 10 tree at our house. also he can always find something that needs fixing in his garden. the other reason it grabbed me is because it makes me think I’m back in central america. i was born here in the USA, but i have travel to central america a lot. almost every house looks like this. all white walls outside, and there is always a tree in the conner. jujst makes me want to be back in central america.

analog vs digital writing

Jose White


In the world that we live in today, there are always things that are becoming old or outdated. There is always something newer or better that is coming out every year.  One of the best explains would be the Iphone. Right now the big thing is the iphone 5 that came out this pasted summer. Everyone wanted it and many did get it. Now just a few months later the iphone 5s and the iphone 5c are about the come out. There is not much of a difference between them. Just that they are faster then the regular 5 and the 5c comes in many colors. There are always people that want to newest and best phone, so knowing how this work milloins of people will by it. Then they’re me who doesn’t really care so ill stay with my iphone 4 and be happy.

Analog vs. Digital-Julia Stroup

I enjoyed the article, however I disagree that “volume may be up, but creativity is down.” I feel with the technology that is now available to everyone, people now have that opportunity to create an image, weather it is just a “selfie” and share it. One thing, however, I feel coming from the new technology is an idea that the old ways of creating a photo, printing it, etc. is useless. When I told some of my friends and family I was taking this class even they all asked why “because we don’t do that anymore.” We lost the art and beauty that comes from creating a picture and nurturing it from the time we take it, develop the film, print it, and so on. Yes volume of vast picture taking is taking place, but the way in which we create and share has changed, not lost it’s creativity. I just hope we don’t lose the old ways of photography, and throw them out, instead making them more valuable.

(Montez Davis) Imagined world

The event that comes to mind doesn’t exactly inspire me at all. This event was reoccurring and terrifying for me as a child. Bedtime was not a moment where I got rest. Bedtime was actually the moment where I found myself running the most. I remember having nightmares every night in that house, no lights on in my bedroom, and sleeping with the door shut. During these moments there was always a particular group of people present. If clowns were not present, there were midgets, and sometimes it was a hybrid of both. I can’t describe a smell, but if fear had a scent that would be the one. I remember falling into bottomless pits, and waking up to realize that I’m still stuck in this black hole that my mom called “my room”. The memory of a child struggling to be freed still lingers around in my mind. The shadows of trees shaped like outreached hands coming through my window, and doors with no doorknobs. These images will be the inspiration for this series.


(Montez Davis) Century 16.

There are so many reasons why this picture interests me. First of all, without knowing anything about the man in the photo you can tell that there’s something interesting about him. Is it his hair? Is it his stare? Whatever the reason may be, the picture grabs your attention. The fact that I am familiar with the man in the picture and the crime that he commented just adds on to the strength of the photo. Anyone who knows the situation in which he was involved will see this image and think tragedy, chaos, or even batman. One thing that I do not know is what this man is thinking in this photo. What is causing this deep gaze? Why did he do what he did? As long as the questions stay unanswered this photo will always interest me.

One Picture/ One Paragraph: Julia Stroup


My brother thinks I’m a bad influence on his daughter because I let her get away with too much. Little does he know, that everything we’ve done that he has disapproved of has been my idea. Last spring, my town held a small carnival at the park right at the bottom of our street. My niece saw it coming home from school. Even tho she was only three at the time, she knew she would be able to convince me to take her. She did. My brother didn’t want us going down there alone, so I thought of a very good lie and off we went. I keep this picture in my phone hidden away like evidence. This picture captured her pure happiness and excitement written all over her face. Seeing her like this was worth everything. That evening was one of the most fun times we’ve ever spent together. The picture is not the best quality and its very blurry, but every time I see it, I am brought back to the park, standing there watching her ride and can’t help but smile.