Montez Davis Analog vs digital

Can the advances of technology destroy classic processes? No, did everyone stop using desktops when laptops were invented? People tend to lean towards whatever is more convenient, but not everyone gets rid of the old for the new. For example, Instagram is very accessible to the average joe because all you need is a phone, unlike analog photography where one would need a camera, film, paper, and a darkroom. However, there are many photographers who still use analog photography as there primary media, and have instagram accounts. Personally I think analog photography is much more interesting because you have a lot more control of your final product.

I think instagram is a positive contribution to the arts. Instagram allows photographers to share their photos to a huge range of people. Most of the people that I am referring to, take amateur photos and as a result they are more impressed with the experienced photographers work. Instagram pushes the envelope for people who have never had an interest in photography. Making them more likely to visit art galleries, exhibits, etc, because of what instagram has exposed them too.  On the contrary, you don’t see as many people purchasing Kodak cameras anymore. I just recently bought a Kodak camera, but now it is hard to find someone who develops the film for them (hint: not easily accessible). I wanted that nostalgia back in my life, and I am sure that I am not the only person.


One thought on “Montez Davis Analog vs digital

  1. Montez- nice, constructive and forward thinking analysis of the article. You are right, Kodak no longer foresaw or funded what the consumer demanded. The strangest part is that Kodak ended by forgetting where they started (although I am sure it is much more complicated)..but the company that originally brought the camera into the average americans home, made photography accessible and reaped the benefit, died by losing their insight. Instagram offers the consumer the same concept Kodak started with- a tool to image yourself in the most immediate way. That immediacy has changed and will continue too, however the idea is the same. And you are definitely correct- modes for creating are just that, modes for creating- we are limited to our means of production (film, digital, drawing, video, etc. etc.) but these modes only offer inherent manners from which to illustrate our concepts. I believe we are beyond the medium is the message, or the message is the medium, and we are arriving somewhere new. I thought you may like this article too:

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