Constructing Realities

For your next project (a series of 4-6 images) I would like you to construct an environment that would not exist otherwise and investigate it through photographs. This environment may be based on a dream, or conversation you found interesting, or it may be inspired by real events. For inspiration check out the following artists works:

Thomas Demand (an article about his work can be found here) he constructs sets entirely out of paper. They are made to look like offices and laboratories.

flarecount01-copy thomas thomas-demand03

Ralph Eugene Meatyard (read further here) uses simple tools such as masks to unsettle the suburban settings of his childhood.

Ralph Eugene Meatyard55887 (Custom) Untitled-date-unknown-G36422-600x68983.365_01_b02


Taryn Simon (read here) inspired by true stories of those incarcerated when innocent has created a series of images that imagines the “criminals” in the location where a crime took place.

TI_071 TI_11 TI_03


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