thoughts/ideas for new project: Julia Stroup

  • Travel/physically being in one place while mentally being in another

I plan to create where someone is mentally by showing that person in their state of mind. Creating their dream world or where they wish to be, while showing pieces of where the person actually is. The two places will be opposites of one another to show their contrast of each other.

  • America without cultural influence/diversity

To create America without diversity or other cultural influence, I plan on using photos of stereotypical America, and piece them together creating a new scene by taking out anything from another cultural. These photos will be my own along with other photos found online.




One thought on “thoughts/ideas for new project: Julia Stroup

  1. Quick question, do you mean for instance a picture of say an “all american” hamburger with something like a photo of the libyan war smashed on top of it? Very excited about your idea..let’s discuss more and look forward to seeing what you have shot thus far- this is really intriguing!

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