One Picture – One Paragraph — Ariana Gangloff

I chose this image because I think it is very visually pleasing and interesting, but also because it is related to my constructing realities project idea and it gives me inspiration for that assignment.  I like the photograph because it has wide tonal range and is very smooth.  I like that the photo uses a reflection to show two separate things at once: the teapots and the people on the street.  I also like that the teapots are the main subject of the photo and take up most of the space, while the reflection is subtlety placed on the side of one of the teapots.  The small reflection gives only a small amount of information about the location of the teapots; enough to make viewers wonder about the context of the photo, but not enough to fully explain it.  The teapots could be displayed at a vendor’s booth, or sitting on a restaurant table.  I like that the photo leaves something to the imagination and portrays a scene that might just look like a normal street corner in a new and interesting way.  I hope to use reflections in similar ways to create interesting images for my constructing realities project.


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