One Picture/ One Paragraph: Julia Stroup


My brother thinks I’m a bad influence on his daughter because I let her get away with too much. Little does he know, that everything we’ve done that he has disapproved of has been my idea. Last spring, my town held a small carnival at the park right at the bottom of our street. My niece saw it coming home from school. Even tho she was only three at the time, she knew she would be able to convince me to take her. She did. My brother didn’t want us going down there alone, so I thought of a very good lie and off we went. I keep this picture in my phone hidden away like evidence. This picture captured her pure happiness and excitement written all over her face. Seeing her like this was worth everything. That evening was one of the most fun times we’ve ever spent together. The picture is not the best quality and its very blurry, but every time I see it, I am brought back to the park, standing there watching her ride and can’t help but smile.


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