One Picture One Paragraph -Alison M.

I know this is not one photo but a photo series but I am going to use it anyways because I really like it, and in a way the whole series might as well be one photograph in the sense that they are all set up the same. To me, the location where the picture is taken is not the important part, what I like is the point of view and the strong stance of the photographers girlfriend, and just the concept of her showing him around the world. I think that his girlfriend has a strong personality that shows in the photographs and the point of view makes the viewer feel like a small child being led around. I think that the photographers love for his girlfriend comes across in the photographs too and the fact that his girlfriend always remains the centerpiece and the focus point of the pictures rather than important landmarks/scenery reinforces the sense of his adoration for her as well as making him  appear helpless without her. Altogether I think it is a super sweet, interesting series of photographs.


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